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Career Options After NEET-UG

Career Options After NEET-UG

Career option after NEET


We all know how disheartening a failure is in our life, no matter what the age or situation. And that is precisely why we do not wish to consider the possibility of a crash, more so because we find the aftermath disgraceful. Most of us have always been bedazzled by success, but in that process, we end up neglecting any other possibility and are not ready to face it. This happens more during the adolescent years due to our limited understanding, lack of exposure, and experience of real-life situations. It so happens that one bottleneck along our way affects us so much so that we go into denial or do not address other prospects. In a student’s life, especially in an Indian student’s life, the years 11th and 12th are given utmost importance because that is when they step into graduate studies. This apprehension to enter into the new world of college and universities often blurs the student’s radar of possible career options. NEET is one such prestigious entrance examination which is mandatory for aspiring MBBS or BDS students. 

Prospective Career Options:-
The black and white mapping of streams and potential careers are not justified at times as it is a burden on the student to always succeed. But, there are a plethora of opportunities in their lives. If a student who has opted for Biology in 11th standard is unable to perform well in the NEET exam, there could be so many options which they discard due to many reasons. Here are some prospective career options for students after facing failures in NEET-UG to alleviate their anxiety:-

  • Research various course options in the field of life sciences or Biology – Life sciences is one of those fields which has gained momentum in the past decade or so. The reason behind it is the research scope which it has to offer. The advances in the healthcare industry are beyond imagination and are revolutionizing the way one perceives medicine. It is no longer limited to zoology, botany, and chemistry; it has widened its purview to the merger of the medical field and technology, genetics, marine biology, molecular biology, biostatistics, etc. It is also not limited to research and can give you many prospective job opportunities where you can work intricately with biology and its complementary fields.
  • Consider various management courses in the healthcare industry – Combining management and medicine can work miracles. The field of hospital management gives you a chance of managing supplies, ensuring excellent service to the patients, finances, hospital personnel, and so many other responsibilities, which could help you in achieving that sense of fulfillment. Public health administration can be the way you give back to society by engaging in the welfare of underprivileged children.
  • Explore the undermined field of Liberal Arts – In today’s rapidly advancing times, it is of paramount importance for a person to be equipped with the knowledge of more than one particular field or stream. Moreover, it also gives students a holistic perspective to look at things once they are aware of how different subjects are interconnected. Liberal arts is one such interdisciplinary education that provides a diverse mix of various disciplines ranging from paintings, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and formal sciences. As the name suggests, it is an introduction towards a form of unrestricted yet tightly bound subjects that enhances the overall development. It comprises three learning verticals:- major, minor, and foundation, which feature in various stages of the course. The best part about it is that in its intensive admission process, there are no eligibility criteria in terms of the field from which students belong. Hence anyone from any stream can appear for the university-specific entrance exams.
  • Consider the option of indulging in the field of Psychology and mental health – With our fast-paced lifestyle and complex situations in multiple avenues, we often stress out or get anxious in the slightest of conditions. It is essential to consult or take advice from a mental health or Psychology expert on those issues. And guess what, you can be one of those. To cater to the patient’s mental well being is also an equally prestigious job as is to resolve their physical ailments. Counseling, therapy, psychoanalysis, child psychology are plausible fields that could be rewarding, both morally and economically. Especially with an inclination towards the human body, it is highly likely to have a knack for the beautiful human brain and explore its depths. It also opens a lot of doors in terms of the Universities which offer relevant courses. 
  • Keep the option open of completely changing your stream – It might sound like quitting is a coward’s job. Still, after you have given your best and have not been able to achieve what you want, it may be possible that there is a better-suited option for you, which you have not considered. It is also a good idea to make productive use of the internet in searching about potential fields and their eligibility criteria. Hotel management, literature, commerce, and many other such areas that you never thought you would do could be explored. There is no harm in trying to figuring out the 


Remember that it is fine to not perform up to your expectations, even more than once. But it is not fine to give up contemplating or thinking about other options altogether. With the help of these pointers, you may connect with one option more than the other. But it is advisable to delve deeper into that possibility and make an informed choice.

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